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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Candidate Filing - What's Interesting

Democrats Get a Zuber Candidate; Republicans Get a Switch-over; First Write-In Files

The Democrats are always competitive in Wayne Township races. Allen County's central township has recently been electing Republicans to the top slots of Assessor and Trustee but Democrats manage to get elected to the township board.

The longtime and well-liked Wayne Township Assessor, Jerry Zuber won the last election. However, Mr. Zuber had resigned the post before completing his term. He was replaced by Republican Robert Stellhorn, who is running for a full term.

Who are the Democrats fielding for the Assessor's spot? One hint - the last name is familiar.

Beverly Zuber, an employee in the office of Democrat Pat Love, the County Assessor, has filed to run in the Democratic primary for Wayne Township Assessor.

Contacted by telephone, Kevin Knuth, Allen County Democratic Chairman, said that the similarity in names had not registered with him prior to the telephone call.

Meanwhile, Thomas Pitzen is running for the Republican nomination for the Aboite Township board. Mr. Pitzen is the son of the late Joanne Pitzen, a longtime Democratic ward chair and head of the Fort Wayne Weights & Measures Department. Tom is a forensic evidence technician with the Fort Wayne Police Department. She was a good person as is her son.

Michael Reef has filed as a write-in for Wayne Township Trustee. His name will not be on the ballot but any write-in votes that are cast for him will be counted in November.

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