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Monday, February 13, 2006

Candidate Filings

Snippets from Candidate Filings and Announcements

1. Some of the news reports didn't mention where the Tom Hayhurt announcement was made today. We heard Councilman Hayhurst describe it Saturday morning when he invited attendees at the Allen County Democrat headquarters to attend. He described it as being at Franke Park by the Zoo.

Indiana Parley doesn't know whether anything can be read into the fact that an announcement was held near the zoo. Maybe Dr. Hayhurst was intending it is a commentary on Congress. Or maybe it is a commentary on the nature of Democrats.

2. The impression has been left that Tom Hayhurst is one of only two Democrats in the race for the 3rd District Congressional seat. The other being Kevin Boyd of Fort Wayne.

Actually, Secretary of State Todd Rokita's office reports that two other gentlemen have filed: Thomas Allen Schrader on February 9th; Edward W. Smith on January 19th.

Does it require some really hard digging to find this information ? First one has to go to the Secretary of State's website, then one has to click on the Elections Division, then one has to click on candidate filings. That's pretty tough.

3. Three Democrats have filed in District 5. That is the congressional district now containing Huntington County and which has been represented by incumbent Dan Burton. The three Democrat hopefuls are: Katherine Fox Carr, the immediate past nominee; Mike Brown, presumably not the one late of FEMA; and Michael Clements of Huntington, who has previously been featured in an IP post.

4. There is one contested race for Republican precinct committeeman in Allen County. The clashing candidates? Ken Neumeister and Chuck Bodenhafer. The two guys are friends and associates. Neither one may know the other has filed for the same spot.

Mr. Neumeister heads Liberty Construction. Mr. Bodenhafer is the principal in B.I.G., an insurance firm that has much of the County of Allen's insurance business. Contributions from Mr. Bodenhafer to Allen County Republicans have figured in the news recently.

5. Congressman Mike Pence will have at least one opponent in the Republican primary. The District includes Adams and Wells Counties as well as Towships in Allen County that contain the communities of Monroeville and Hoagland. George Holland has filed as Mr. Pence's primary opposition.

Note: WOWO Radio has properly said in its news reports today regarding the Hayhurst announcement that he faces three opponents.

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