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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cinema Verité: Documenting the Link

Indiana Parley readers may not have known that there is a connection between Nathan Gotsch (who established the now invisible weblog Fort Wayne Observed) and Robert Rouse, the blogger at Left of Centrist.

Robert Rouse appeared in a film written and directed by Mr. Gotsch titled "The Runaround." He played a character named Mike Vermini. As the website for "The Runaround" explains:
The Runaround is a 34-minute action comedy starring [Michael] Oberholtzer and Mike Mauloff ... . The two play cash-strapped roommates Jason Hollopeter and Chad Ellis, who agree to make a delivery for Jason’s former little league coach (Robert Rouse) in exchange for a large sum of money and, in the process, become entangled in a seamy criminal underworld populated by mafia stool pigeons, burly foot soldiers, and a deceptively sadistic mob boss, played by former Broadway star Harvey Cocks. Culminating in a dramatic meeting between Jason, Chad, and the mob boss, The Runaround features a frenetic car chase through the streets of downtown Fort Wayne and showcases locations throughout the city, including Club Soda and the historic Fairfield Apartments. (emphasis ours)
Not that Mr. Rouse has been keeping it a secret. Last May, Mr. Rouse noted his prior acquaintence with Mr. Gotsch on his weblog when he welcomed Fort Wayne Observed to the blogosphere.

Mr. Rouse wrote:
If you get a chance, take a look at Fort Wayne Media Notes [original name of the Fort Wayne Observed weblog]. It's a blog that covers the local media of Fort Wayne, IN. It comes from the very creative mind of Nathan Gotsch who also happened to direct me in my only appearance in a movie. It's nice to see someone take an interest in local affairs and I want to wish Nathan all the best of luck.
Rouse shown above in character as Mike Vermini. Photo credit: still photo from The Runaround website.

Mr. Rouse has also been active in other creative pursuits. He has written many songs for The Bob & Tom Show, based in Indianapolis but distributed nationally.

His songs included "Burger Pony" and a parody of the late Elvis Presley titled "She Got Knocked Up." The songs may also be accessed by going to the Left of Centrist weblog and scrolling down the right side for "Click here to sample my fun tunes."

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