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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dick Bergman Leaving Scott's Foods

The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel is reporting that Dick Bergman, the head of Scott's Foods in Fort Wayne, Columbia City, Rochester and other Indiana communities, will be leaving his position.

Bergman will be taking an executive position with a grocery retailer in the Washington D.C. market which is also part of the SuperValu chain.

Mr. Bergman has overseen a substantial change in the positioning of Scott's in this market. He often appeared prominently in Scott's television and billboard advertising.

We wondered at the start of his personal appearances in Scott's advertising whether the grocery retailer and pharmacy chain was making an error in investing so much in tying Bergman's image to the institutional image of Scott's.

The News-Sentinel posted the story by reporter Cindy Larson on its website at 2:12 PM and labeled it as "Breaking News."

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