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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fired Up at Indiana's News Center

IP doesn't want to overemphasize the posts regarding the use of stock photographs by Indiana's News Center (WPTA/WISE television) to accompany the text of stories on the news operation's website. There is a reason for the use of such photos.

The overuse, though, of photos which are wholly unrelated to the jurisdiction which is featured in a story can lead to a loss of credibility for the news staff by the viewers in those communities. It also gives the impression the news operation may be thinly staffed particularly when specific photographic representations are readily available.

A case in point: WPTA/WISE featured a story two days ago regarding a structure fire in Marion, Grant County, Indiana. The screen capture of that story and its illustration is shown here.

Yet there is a huge resource of Marion Fire Department photos available. They wouldn't need to send a staff photographer down to shoot a specific photo; they could gain permission from a photographer in advance.

There are plenty of marvelous photos of City of Marion firefighters and firetrucks here. It has to be one of the best and most extensive fire photo galleries of a fire department in the Midwest.

IP is showing just one of the photographs. However, there are many more photographs posted; the photos are even categorized by shift.

We are not sure where the Indiana's News Center stock firetruck photo was taken. Firefighters in Fort Wayne, City Of Marion , and New Haven have told IP that it does not show a truck in any of those cities' current fleet.

Indiana's News Center does not use this photo every time there is a fire story to illustrate. Last night's fire on West Main Street in Fort Wayne was represented by artwork, not a photograph of actual fire-fighting equipment.

The Marion Chronicle-Tribune story noted that the Marion fire at the empty Ball-Foster Glass Company building had been started by someone using a torch to attempt to illegally remove scrap metal from the structure.

Recent stories in Allen County have warned that thieves have become more brazen in attempting to steal metal, particularly copper, from building sites, residences and commercial structures.

I wonder if they need me to post another "cut and paste" archive for them on my site? I have, however, noticed that they have NOT used any of my fine examples of photographic excellence on their recent posts. It's too bad, I thought I gave them lots to work with!
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