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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fraser Starts Blogging

Well, Jeff Fraser is no longer writing books.

However, he announced today that he is writing a weblog. We assume he has got some time on his hands to keep it updated.

Jeff Fraser's weblog is called Fort Wayne Insight.

Frasier should be interesting...and as I said over on his blog about FW Observed, if any other prominent Fort Wayne blog had disappeared under simimarly mysterious circumstances, Nathan would have been all over it, getting out the facts behind the disappearance. Is anyone going to perform that (desperately needed) function now, about the disappearance of FW Observed? I think it's safe to surmise that its disappearance is related to his posting of "Carroll: The Book." But I notice even that his USC football blog has not been updated since mid-January.
Maybe Frasier will tell us. He probably knows about what happened to Nathan. He talks the talk how about doing a little walking Frasier?
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