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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

In Lexington, a Local Wants to Buy the Knight-Ridder Herald Leader

Detailed Story on the Sale of Knight Ridder

Some of the best writing on the impending sale of Knight Ridder. The story by the Herald-Leader's Scott Sloan can be found here.

Lexington, Kentucky, Civic Leader Jim Gray is trying to put a deal together to return the Herald Leader to local ownership. The story tries to answer whether that is a realistic hope.

It is very ironic that in the middle of his article he writes:

Younger readers are "not particularly favorably disposed to print," said former Herald-Leader Editor John Carroll, who retired as editor of the Los Angeles Times last year and is a visiting lecturer at Harvard. "They like the electronic formats. They also have tastes in news: They tend not to read long stories and tend to be absorbed with things on the fringes of traditional news, such as entertainment."

And then he proceeds to ignore that whole statement and writes an article so long it had my eyes crossed by its conclusion.
1. Who cares what younger readers want. They don't have much money and almost no curiousity about what is traditionally considered "news."

2. Thank you for calling our attention to this excellent article. Things are starting to pop.
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