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Monday, February 06, 2006

Indiana Parley Drives Weblog Traffic

We are not really interested in getting between Sheri and AWB while the parties are still firing away at each other.

However, we did take note of part of Sheri's comment in her ongoing feud with AWB at Fort Wayne Indiana, etc. She wrote:
Seems funny to me that I got a ton of hits from my site being mentioned on Indiana Parley, but NO referrals from your site. Hmmm . . . not enough readers?
We won't repeat AWB's reply since he seems capable of defending himself.

Sheri's comment is another example of other weblogs mentioning the number of referrals they receive from being mentioned by or linked to Indiana Parley.

Alex wrote earlier at "What the Game's Been Missing":
Right now, I'm feeling kind of guilty, because since I blogged about the Fraser vs. Carroll situation, I've received an influx of hits via Mitch Harper's blog Indiana Parley. This has done more for the site than any of my subtle schoolwide hustling efforts, although it appears the key demographic of female Snider students, ages 16-18 is still pretty low.
So, while we can drive traffic, we can't help with all of the demographic subsets.

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