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Thursday, February 09, 2006

John McGauley Gives His Take on the Scramble for Recorder

John McGauley is a Republican candidate for Allen County Recorder. He is the current public information officer for the Allen County Commissioners.

Indiana Parley caught up with Mr. McGauley today and got his comments on the newly scrambled race for Allen County Recorder. He also spent some time talking about his plans for the office he seeks.

Indiana Parley
also provides a correction to the party affiliation of one of the persons who filed for office today. However, the confusion over the party identification is understandable.

You can hear that and John McGauley's dulcet tones by clicking the AudioPost below.

this is an audio post - click to play

Photo: John McGauley in January 2006

Photo credit: Mitch Harper

Is this a blog or a radio spot? If I want to listen to the news I will turn WOWO on.
And you will need to wait to the top of the hour to get it.

Of course, you don't have to turn the radio on - you can go to WOWO's website at the links on the side of this page, then click WOWO's streaming audio.

However, you sound a little uncomfortable about the idea of sound coming from your computer. Perhaps you need to write a note of complaint to WOWO about the technology they keep updating.

In any event, where else are you going to find this sort of extended time with a county political candidate? It's not me asking John a question and then coming back to type up my mediated version of his remarks. It's the candidate in his own words.

The audio post feature also allows me to give you news as it happens. I can do an audio post from any location without being tethered to a computer.

Immediacy and unmediated comments from newsmakers - those are advantage to this technology.

If you would prefer some other, older technology then, by all means, stick with it, anonymous. Just don't expect Indiana Parley to send it to you by telegram; Western Union took that option away this week.
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