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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Joyner Joins the Sheriff's Race

Candidate filings have started to get really interesting.

The largest major development today was Fort Wayne Police Public Information Officer Michael Joyner joining the fray for the Democratic Allen County Sheriff's nomination. He will be facing the already announced Tina Taviano.

Also, David Roach switches offices and the Recorder's race gets a new face from an old family name. An existing county office hopeful, will probably be crying "Uncle."

Indiana Parley
reported live this morning. To hear the audio, click on the button below:

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NICE! Perhaps Victor Locke has some competition...
It seems that Joyner has really stacked the cards against himself joining the race this late. Taviano raised more money than the Republicans in 2005 - I have a feeling Joyner will have a tough time catching up.
Is it not a sad commentary on the state of politics when we start to admit (aloud) that running for office is almost 100% dictated by wallet size?
mike is a good republican. he is running as a democrat to bring back family values to that party. does he stand a chance of winning? no. will he send a message to the left-left wing of the dems in this county? yep!
we are a God fearing community.
he may have my vote
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