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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Last Minute Valentine Suggestion

Unprepared for St. Valentine's Day?

We have a last minute suggestion. Get cookies delivered from Breadcraft Bakehouse.
You can call them at 482-7323 (48-bread)

This is a totally unsolicited and uncompensated suggestion. I am a big fan of their handcrafted breads. Breadcraft makes bread for various restaurants and clubs but they also have a retail business from 8 AM to 2 PM.

The breads taste great; the breads look great. The loaves look so beautiful that any loaf can serve as a centerpiece.

But today, you can order cookies. I know the demand is such that they were projecting to run out of decorated cookies at some point. However, undecorated cookies will taste the same.

And Breadcraft Bakehouse is located on W. State Boulevard right across from WISE-TV.

So, AWB, it's close enough that you could order some for delivery to Melissa. It might make amends for that maybe-several-steps-beyond-where-one-should-go Photoshop picture.

Mitch, you're getting to be quite the diplomat! LMAO. An excellent idea (considering your new digs at FWO) I must say.
I don't like cookies, they make my butt bigger. However, a nice stiff martini with Marti Wright might be in order :)
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