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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nancy Nall Salutes Nathan Gotsch

Former Fort Wayne News-Sentinel columnist Nancy Nall gives her thoughts about the contributions of Nathan Gotsch at her weblog at NancyNall.com.

Ms. Nall's column says this about the Fort Wayne Observed founder:

Nathan Gotsch has been working the Fort Wayne blogworld for the better part of a year, and not badly at all: All those stories he’d been doing about Fort Wayne topics, sometimes showing up or outright shaming actual paid local reporters in the process? He was living in L.A. most of the time. (”Has any editor in Fort Wayne approached you about maybe taking a job there?” I asked him once. After all, he can already write and work sources and demonstrates an eye for a good story. The answer: “No.” But of course. Not that he wanted a job there, but you know, you’d think someone might have made the gesture.) This week, though, he’s hanging up his cleats and turning the name, archives and all the rest of it over to ex-state legislator Mitch Harper, who’s now running Fort Wayne Observed.

Among Nathan’s many accomplishments in a short time is the humiliation and otherwise stick-a-fork-in-him-he’s-done barbecuing of the maroons at Mediawatch. (I’d link to the amusing podcast he did about their great copyright dispute, but it’s gone with the switchover. NO IT'S NOT: It's here.)

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