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Monday, February 06, 2006

Nathan Gotsch - The 'Invisible Man'

The Invisible Man Becomes Visible Again

Remember the old Invisible Man movies? The invisible man could become visible by wrapping himself in bandages and putting on regular clothing. Well, Fort Wayne Indiana, etc. has done something similar with the 'invisible' blog of Fort Wayne Observed.

He has pointed the way for readers to view the cached posts of the Nathan Gotsch established weblog. AWB posted this earlier today on his weblog:
Looking for a post from Fort Wayne Observed?

Click this link which uses the Google cache boolean operator if you'd like to search Nathan's Blog. From what I can tell, a post or two is missing regarding the Fraser case, but if you'd like to get to the archives this will give you access to many of the prior posts.

Once you get results, click on the "Cached" link for it to display (see below)

It is ashame that this blogger is gone. I really enjoyed him especially at first when he gave the infamous rrr something to gripe about. He should at least get credit for reliable media reporting instead self-contrived gossip like the other used to do.
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