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Friday, February 24, 2006

National Journal Releases Congressional Ratings

Souder's Conservative, But Not The Most Conservative Indiana Congressman

The well-respected publication, National Journal, released its Congressional Ratings today.

U.S. Representative Dan Burton (R-5) was ranked as Indiana's most conservative Congressional member with a 92%. U.S. Representative Julia Carson was ranked as the least conservative at 16.3%.

Most to least in order: Burton; Mike Pence (89.3); Mike Sodrel,(88.3%); Souder(82%); Chris Chocola (77.5%); Steve Buyer (76.8%); John Hostettler (63.8%); Peter Visclosky (28.5%); and Carson.

Senator Richard Lugar had a composite score of 52.8%. U.S. Senator Evan Bayh had a composite score of 29.3%.

The composites were based on an average of percentages for economic, social, and foreign policy issues. Rankings were different for these individual issue blocks.

For example, Senator Bayh was ranked as the most liberal member of the Indiana Congressional delegation with a score of 10%.

Congressman Souder was the second most conservative member as ranked on economic issues at 94%. Only Mike Pence was higher at 97%. No other members were above 90%. However, Souder was ranked as the fourth most conservative on social issues.

They gotta be kidding... Souder the Spender at 94%?
I guess I could read the article myself, but I'm feeling lazy. Are these ratings based on votes?
Pence should be a hell of a lot higher too.
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