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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Returning as a Victor

Victor Locke Returns to the Fort and WPTA...for the Next Few Weeks

Promotions began last night on Indiana's News Center (WPTA/WISE TV) touting the return of Fort Wayne veteran broadcaster Victor Locke to the airwaves. He will be rejoining the news staff for a few weeks.

Victor Locke was sorely missed after he departed Fort Wayne and WPTA-TV 21 Alive and headed to Colorado. But... he's back in the Fort for an extended visit. A close source told Indiana Parley Locke only arrived in Fort Wayne yesterday afternoon. Which means that he must have immediately been wisked to the station to record the promotion segment with Linda Jackson.

Since Locke decamped to Colorado he has been doing voiceover work, radio and a once monthly Durango cable television talk program "Talk of the Town" similar to the IMPACT public affairs he used to host on 21 Alive. However, Locke hasn't done a television newscast in more than 21 months.

Things have changed in the Fort Wayne television market since Locke was last here. "Victor" has not been a word associated with the 21 Alive and WISE 33 newscasts after the combination of the two operations last year. LIN Broadcasting's WANE-TV 15 is now the ratings leader.

It is not known at this time just what Locke's on-air role will be over the next few weeks. Nor is it known whether this temporary gig may have implications for long time anchors Keith Edwards and Melissa Long.

Update: Indiana Parley has learned that the invitation for Victor Locke's temporary return was issued approximately two weeks ago when he dropped in at WPTA during a family visit to Fort Wayne. The promo with Linda Jackson was taped before Victor Locke returned to Colorado.

More: Andrew at ...Just for the Record fires away on Victor Locke in particular and local television news in general here. Oh, Indiana Parley comes under fire, too, but not by name. Our crime? Saying that Victor Locke was "sorely missed."

It's called a ratings "stunt". That is all it is. Victor will significantly bring up ratings for the station. I could say more but I don't have many fond memories of this broadcaster.
Didn't I just see him on a commercial for a local dentist?
I don't know but you might have seen Karen Goldner in a home improvement commercial. She is a former economic development specialist for the City of Fort Wayne and now director of special projects for Fourth Wave LLC.

Here's news: It has been reported to Indiana Parley that she is thinking of seeking the Democratic nomination for a Fort Wayne City Council seat next year.
Guess WANE will have to pull that add.
Anybody else think it is funny that V.L. considered it to be a "career upgrade" to stop anchoring news broadcasts and start doing anonymous voice-overs and cable-access programming? After watching the FW area newscasts for so many years, I can't help but agree with the notion....
Wow, a tough group! I happen to like Victor Locke (as a news guy--I've never met him) and was sad to see him leave. So I'm happy to see him return, if only for a limited time.

I think his career move was more a quality of life thing. (There aren't any mountains here in Indiana, last I checked, and if your thing is the mountains, well, you won't get that here.)
Victor Locke is a great guy who is having a great time doing what he used to do for a living. He brings some much-needed authority to the 33 shows. I'm glad to see him, even if it is a stunt.
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