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Monday, February 13, 2006

Ruining My Reputation

I wanted to note Robert Rouse's comment over at his weblog Left of Centrist. Robert had this to say:
Side note: After yesterday's meeting, I also ran into Republican blogger, and former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, Mitch Harper. I like Mitch and I enjoy reading his blog. I was happy to see that he is much as I imagined, an engaging individual. You can read his account of our meeting over at Indiana Parley.
Now Robert, you are setting back my plan to become known as a curmudgeon through these pages. Aside from that, what will left-leaning individuals like Craig think? C'mon, you are going to burst his illusion of me working in concert with Dick Cheney at an undisclosed location to make the world safe for Halliburton.

Anyway, thanks for the kind mention.

I want to reciprocrate by saying that Left of Centrist (or what I refer to as Way Left of Centrist) is going to get a right-hand link on Indiana Parley. I'm not sure what I am going to call this category of links but there will be a link set for a handful of left-leaning weblogs.

Which brings me to a few short points on the criteria I use to put new weblog links on the right-hand side. The first thing to understand is that this is not going to be one of those blogs where every possible link known to me gets placed on the page. It's limited real estate.

There are already quite a few links for folks to plow through. That is largely due to the fact that the links have been constructed as a service to the reader so that Indiana Parley can be a jumping off place to most media outlets in the northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. Regardless of what folks may think from time to time of the content on this page, I hope that readers feel welcome to start here in surveying the news of our region.

You can then jump from here to Drudge. Drudge may not be everyone's cup of tea but he does have exhaustive links to the major and not-so-major sources of news and commentary.

Another thing that readers may notice is that there aren't links to political parties and candidates on this page. Indiana Parley is a source for news and commentary; it is not a place to push political candidates. The focus is on policy, not people.

I may break down and provide a jump to a place where you can find all of those sorts of partisan and candidate links but you won't find them on the main page.

So, how does a weblog get placed on the right-hand side? It helps to have a sense of humor. Your weblog ought to provide some new viewpoints, preferably ones linked to Indiana in general, northeast Indiana or northwestern Ohio. It certainly helps to have original reporting from time to time.

Parroting material that can be found on 1001 weblogs isn't going to help. A weblog bashing Bush in every post is not original. A weblog providing a steady diet of Hillary bashing, Harry Reid bashing or Nancy Pelosi bashing is not original. I read these and I think, "Does this person read?" or "Does this person get out much?"

Report on the town meeting you attended, the experience you had with a goverment official, or the condition of your street, your school, or your workplace. Report on your avocation. Be interesting. (And forgive me when I am not).

It helps if you have innovative ideas and it helps if you want to advance liberty.

In any event, anyone can be considered who makes me laugh, writes well, or gives me pause. You will be a candidate for a link.

Robert Rouse has a sense of humor. It looks like he is expanding his original reporting; the use of video and photographs for the Hayhurst announcement is excellent. So, Robert, look for your link.

And, Craig, you are beginning to exhibit a sense of humor. Keep it up and you may get linked. I know that is not high on your list of honors. Heck, Craig, you might even dread the thought of it. So, be forwarned.

You seem to be under the impression that I care.
You visit the site, read the post,and then comment on it.

It's plainly evident that you care not a whit.
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