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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sheriff's Candidate Ken Fries Opens Up

Sheriff's candidate Ken Fries opens up about the Republican confab. The four candidates for Allen County Sheriff each spoke before the crowd. They then responded to questions from the audience. Here what Lt. Fries had to say by clicking the audio post button below.

The other three candidates are Guy Griffith, Mike Foster, and Mike Keesler.

this is an audio post - click to play

Ken will make the best Sheriff.
I think that Ken is the best candidate for sheriff. He has been and always will be for what is best for the department. He is a very moral and upstanding officer, father, husband, & friend.
Ken is dedicated to the success of the Allen County Police Department. A true asset to our community! Thanks Ken for your fortitude!
Ken Fries is the most honest and hardworking person I know. He is a great family man and the kind of police officer that others should aspire to. He is going to make a terrific sheriff!
I have known Ken for most of my life. This has always been a dream of his. He is honest, loyal and hardworking. He is always willing to help anyone and I truly believe that he will make a differnce in the community. Good Luck Ken!
Ken Fries is by far the best candidate for the job. I have known him for over 20 years and know he is a very smart, dedicated, and extremely trustworthy public servant. All the candidates running in this race are good people but Kenny's leadership is by far the best with no one even a close second.
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