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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Soros, Souder and CPAC

Souder Blasts Soros Involvement in the Recent CPAC Meet

U.S. Representative Mark Souder (R-3rd) placed a statement in the Congressional Record this week blasting Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference organizers for including representatives of George Soros-funded organizations in the conference.

CPAC is the largest gathering of conservatives held in the United States. It brings together over 4,000 conservative activists across a broad range of associations. This year's 33rd annual conference was held in Washington, D.C. a week ago.

Souder said:

One can imagine a conservative's surprise to read on the CPAC 2006 agenda that a representative of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is slated to moderate-yes, moderate-a panel Friday discussing drug policy. For those who are unacquainted with it, the pro-marijuana MPP has been funded by Soros in the past. Also represented on the panel is the Drug Policy Alliance, which is Soros' principal pro-drug arm. Incidentally, the moderator himself is a convicted drug dealer.

What on earth were the CPAC organizers thinking? Why would the American Conservative Union allow extremist liberals like George Soros and Peter Lewis (who is responsible for most of MPP's funding) to access a meeting of conservatives? And, in exactly whose estimation would there be balance in a debate moderated by the MPP?

More: Accuracy in Media column by Cliff Kincaid.
Counter-Point: Press release by Drug Policy Alliance.

It's good to see that we can count on IP to be the official mouthpiece for the Mark Souder campaign.

I'm sure you will be compensated for your efforts.
Your inference is unlikely to be regarded very credibly by regular and careful readers of Indiana Parley.

This post included a link to the release by the Drug Policy Alliance.

Further, the prior post providing a link to the William Larsen is not something in the interest of the Mark Souder campaign.

The news release was sent by Martin Green, a staff employee of the Office of Mark Souder. The release was not from the Mark Souder campaign committee.
Craig, doesn't your truck need to go haul something? For someone that touts freedom, as you once posted:

"This Republican party is slowly eroding the very foundations of our democracy. They hate us for our freedom, remember that."

It would seem you want your freedom, but don't want us to have ours.

A-typical liberal rubbish.

The news release referred to in the comment above is the one regarding co-sponsorship of the bill on internet gambling.

Neither Mr. Souder's Congressional Office nor his campaign sent a release to IP concerning the Congressman's criticism of CPAC.

The CPAC criticism was discovered by IP's survey of internet sources.
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Mitch Harper is a friend of Mark Souder. That being said, Mitch does a pretty good job of covering issues and tries not to favor Mark Souder. Mitch does a pretty good job of being neutral...

I think it is interesting that Mark Souder is allowed to speak at Conservative events. Mark is a LARGE government conservative. Heck, Mark believes in both earmarks and the most recent expansion of the "Great Society", The Prescribption Drug expansion.

Mark is a social conservative for sure. Mark is a fiscal liberal and a large government type...

Mike Sylvester
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