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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Terry Haffner Hopes for Change in the NACS Elections

Terry Haffner of Fort Wayne has always been a compelling advocate in the community. He wrote a guest editorial published in last night's News-Sentinel about Jeff Fraser:

I have 13 nieces and nephews attending schools in the Northwest Allen County Schools system. I have done years of art and speaking programs in the schools as well. Having said that, I am very concerned about the cloud looming over Carroll High School. I am angry that a senior, four months from graduation, who repeatedly apologized, was all but put in an ankle bracelet and expelled from Carroll and not allowed to participate in further activities that are the hallmarks of a senior year, such as prom and the cap-and-gown ceremony which is the culmination of 12 years of hard work. I am saddened that those at the ship’s helm of Carroll, along with the members of the NACS school board, are cold and unforgiving.

A captain of a vessel must guide it through rough seas and calm waters and care about those on board. I think our community saw several captains jumping ships and running from a student who made one mistake. I see captains who are rarely seen by those on board.

Fraser will rise above the ashes the NACS board and others made for themselves. He will one day achieve goals of college and a career. My nephew [Pat McAlister] will also achieve great things for which I will be proud of him as I am already proud.

Though my glory days as a community civil- and disability-rights activist have since passed, Fraser’s story has rekindled the fire in my belly. In view of the 2006 elections, I submit to you that we need new NACS board members. It is my hope that this will occur.

Amen Terry, too bad we can't convince you to run. You have made a big contribution at NW Allen over the years. It is time for a new board and new administrative leadership in NW Allen, someone who cares about educating students instead of controlling them. Time for the Iron Fist to go.
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