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Thursday, February 09, 2006

This Issue Would Make the Sheriff's Race Interesting

A Sheriff in Florida has an idea, that if proposed by a candidate for Sheriff in Allen County, could really get everyone talking about the upcoming primary.

A Sheriff in Florida has made adultery by officers in his department grounds for disciplinary action. WKMG-TV Channel 6 in central Florida has the story:
Pinellas County sheriff's Chief Deputy Dennis Fowler said he has seen so many cases of deputy-involved cases of adultery leading to 911 calls that he has decided to suspend deputies over the action.

Fowler said the suspension can be given to any deputy, regardless of whether they are married or single.

"It goes beyond just your individual relationship with someone else. It affects other people in the workplace, people's ability to do their job, and I think that is relevant," Fowler said.

Authorities said it only makes sense for law enforcement managers to send a message to their workers, that adulterous behavior is trouble.

If a complaint is filed, and the offender is caught, the deputy could get up to a three-day suspension from work.

There have not been any offenders punished under the adultery policy, according to the report.

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