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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Victor Locke's Choppers

Locke: "...according to many, [it] has improved my appearance..."

An alert Indiana Parley reader commented this week about an advertisement that Victor Locke had made for a local dental office.

Indiana Parley is able to give you a little more information. Mr. Locke had done a testimonial for the office of Dr. Robert Scheele & Associates in Fort Wayne. You can read Victor Locke's testimonial for yourself at Dr. Scheele's website here.

The site details the treatment provided Mr. Locke:

Victor suffered from a very deep bite that placed the forces of his teeth in the wrong direction. This was causing the teeth to wear away and break down at the gum line. Previous crowns placed at the old bite were breaking down due to the irregular placement. By reestablishing an ideal bite we were able to restore Victor's smile with 28 Empress veneers and overlays.

The site also reproduces the testimonial letter written by the long-time radio and television broadcaster. A portion of the text:
Dear Dr. Scheele and Staff,

After years of pain and chipping teeth, I’d had enough! Now, two years after having the problem corrected, I just continue to say “Thank you, thank you…thank you!”

It took some time to adjust to my reconstructed mouth, but my teeth no longer hurt. Nor, do I occasionally feel a piece of enamel as I chew food. The gaps that once existed and the mismatched color created by numerous crown and other corrections of earlier problems are also gone. The restorative procedure, which you recommended and which I underwent, has proven highly successful. Not only did it correct my tooth problems, but according to many, has improved my appearance as well.
The website contains before and after photos of Mr. Locke's smile. All in all, probably more than you want to know.

It is not known whether Mr. Locke's testimonial was compensated.

Maybe he can "trade" some advertising time for hair transplants next!
Saw Locke on the news last night. Looks like he 70. The beard doesn't help. Makes him look rather sloppy. There is no way the guy could work in any other market looking like he does.
I just saw him tonight. He made the newscast sound much more authoritative; was appropriate in his humor. He sounded relaxed and confident.

His presence added a lot to a newscast that has sounded tired and repetitive. It even seemed to me that Linda Jackson was enjoying the change of pace.

Could Victor Locke work in another market? I don't know, but he is known in this market even after having been away.

The number of comments that have been generated here on Indiana Parley is one measure of the interest in his return.

In any event, his looks aren't the sell. That radio voice is.
So you are saying he is going to sell the repeat of 21 news on 33? I don't care if Jesus was the anchor doing the same half hour four times with very few reporters in not going to win a large market share. Putting a guy who looks 70 next to Linda may get some 21 viewers but as far as bringing new viewers in, I was a 33 viewer and I would never tune in to watch Victor. I guess the big question 33 viewers are asking now is why did they fire everyone when the where going to bring back an anchor?
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