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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

We Needed to Class Up the Joint

Indiana Parley might seem to only be about dry topics like public policy, taxes, roads, parking meters and the like - the gray drudgery of the policy wonks. Occasionally it is dressed up with a bit of humor but, otherwise, there has been little to brighten the walls other than the choice of books dealing with historic architecture and Indiana wildflowers. Even those are relegated to the lower right hand corner.

Well, we do have an aesthetic side. And it is more sweeping than pointing our readers to Alex at What the Game Really Needs for music criticism or to Robert Rouse for his original music. (More on music later this afternoon).

No, we at Indiana Parley are also concerned with the visual arts - painting, sculpture and the like. That's why we have put a link to the Fort Wayne Area Artists weblog on our links list. You can find it here or under "Media" to the right. (It may not stay under 'Media.' It got placed there because it didn't quite seem to fit under the type of public policy or current events sites of 'Links')

Among other things, the site highlights some artists we admire.

In emailing the folks in charge of the website to notify them that we were placing a link to the site we suggested, but said we weren't requiring, that they place a link back to Indiana Parley under their category of 'Other Fort Wayne Blogs.'

IP got a very gracious response. We hope they don't mind IP taking the liberty of reproducing it in part:
We do have an area to link to other Fort Wayne blogs and I will happily include IndianaParley and others now discovered via your blog.
One of those sites that was 'discovered' and added was Fort Wayne Indiana etc.

Well, we know that AWB at that weblog has an interest in the photographic arts; he has shown some talent for altering photographic images to come up with new and unexpected visual images that move those viewing his work. However, since the Fort Wayne Artist's Blog is hosted by the Audio, Visual and Arts section of the Allen County Public Library do you suppose they took the time to scroll down the Fort Wayne Indiana etc. weblog to see the post about the ACPL purchase of Herman Miller Aeron chairs?

Also, Alex M's What the Game's Been Missing was not added. Hmmm.

By the way, IP hadn't looked at the post on the ACPL chairs lately until preparing this post. Here are comments attached to that post we hadn't seen until today:
Anonymous said...
You sure can dish out the smack - despite knowing very little about the whole process.

At 12:35 PM, Angry White Boy said...
Interesting that this anonymous comment tracerouted back to an IP address at the library. :)

I only wish I had kept the report on the post IP address. He/she is calling me a liar now. :)
"Also, Alex M's What the Game's Been Missing was not added. Hmmm."

It's probably because I owe them at least $15.00 in late fines.
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