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Friday, February 24, 2006

WISH-TV: Investigative Report Questions New State Voter Registration System

WISH-TV 8 News I-Team delivered a report last night claiming that the new state voter registration system doesn't work properly.

It also raised issues as to whether favoritism played a part in Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita's award of the $10 million contract to Quest Information Systems of Indianapolis.

The report cites a reply from Quest Information System's Bill McCully. McCully is a former member of the Republican caucus staff of the Indiana House of Representatives. He has also worked for the Indiana State Republican Central Committee.

Better to pay more and keep the money here than send it elsewhere, IMHO.
While I agree with "Buy Indiana", it is not worth a dime (let alone $10 million) if it does not work.

And it appears that is the issue.
There are always pesky issues when you are building a database that is extraordinarily intricate as this must be. We cannot assume the results would have been any different had any other company (besides Quest) been awarded the contract. One fact is certain: the $10Million is filtering back into the Indiana economy as we speak.

Only some of it is coming back.

As I understand it, the server for this inoperable piece of software will be in....TEXAS!

Apparently, Verizon's new fiber wasn't good enough for hosting?
Let's be careful with home much credence we pay comments from Marion County's election people... a little digging will find that they were sued at least once (if not more) during the 2004 election season for not properly following state and federal laws.
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