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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

WPTA / WISE May Need a Continuity Director

Indiana's News Center (WPTA/WISE TV) posted a story this morning about the death at the home of Richard Blaich on Kress Road in southwest Allen County. The death is being investigated by the Allen County Sheriff's Department and the County Coroner.

What follows is the text of that story along with the photo of a police car Indiana's News Center chose to illustrate the story on their website. It's not a car from the county, though.

Maybe the person at Channels 21 and 33 chose the wrong police car because one can't read the lettering on the side of the car in this photo. However, wouldn't most folks know that the Sheriff's Department marked cars are two-tone brown?

From the Indiana's News Center website story:

Police Investigate Death At The Home Of Former Fort Wayne Attorney At The Heart Of The Schwab Scandal

Feb 07, 2006 - (Fort Wayne, IN 2/07/06)--Allen County Police are investigating the possible death of a former Fort Wayne attorney accused of mishandling a charity's funds.
Police have not confirmed the identity of the victim, and few details, such as the nature of the death, have been released about the investigation that began yesterday at the home of Richard Blaich on Kress Road in southwest Allen County.

But sources indicate the victim may be Blaich, the former president of the Schwab Foundation who has been accused by the Indiana Attorney General of using the charity's funds for personal expenses like this luxury home in Las Vegas.

Neighbors say they have not seen Blaich or his wife for several weeks.

Police are expected to release some information about their case today. (Edited by Paula Hinton)

Hey Mitch,
Nice catch on the FWPD car. If you look closely at the photo, however, I think that is a ACPD car in the background. Does that count?

P.S. We confirmed on our 11pm show that the body was that of Blaich the evening it happened. So, the Fort Wayne Indiana etc blog was a day late!
Dear M. Long you are mistaken. The photo used here is a STOCK photo and the car in the backround is WHITE. Unless the ACPD has changed the color of the cars have changed I think you are telling a WHITE lie. But hey, I guess that's what Indiana's News Center is all about isn't it. The biggest lie is that you play the same half hour of news four times and tell yourselves and audience that you are covering more news.
Since the merger the only continuity is on Keith's bad rug. WPTA/WISE is only holding on until Jerry Geisler can ruin one station (probably WISE) to sell it at a loss. Cheap bastard.
Hey Long-faced lie,
I was only joking about the county car. Gee Whiz! Calm down.
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