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Friday, March 03, 2006

2005 Glenn Beck Grand Wayne Appearance for GOP Questioned

Democratic Chair Kevin Knuth Sends Complaint to State Election Board

WOWO Radio 1190 reported this morning that it is one of the subjects of a complaint filed by Allen County Democratic Chair Kevin Knuth. The complaint questions the underwriting of the 2005 appearance by radio personality Glenn Beck at the Grand Wayne Center.

Glenn Beck appeared at a rally in the main room at the Grand Wayne Center which was free and open to the public. That rally was heavily promoted by WOWO Radio.

Prior to speaking at the rally, Mr. Beck was the featured speaker at the Allen County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner which was held in another hall of the Grand Wayne Center. Tickets were required for the dinner. The dinner and a preceding reception were considered a fundraising event for the local party.

WOWO reports on its website:
Wowo Radio and the Glenn Beck Rally for America have been named in a formal complaint to the State Election Board. Allen County Democratic Party Chairman Kevin Knuth says it involves money donated by "The Northeast Indiana PAC for Better Government" for the Rally held last May at the Grand Wayne Center.

Knuth says if the Board deems last year's rally as a political event, the station might be in violation of campaign finance laws, for providing promotional nnouncements believed to be in excess of the $2,000 legal corporate limit.

The Rally was organized by Republican Vice-Chair Cathy Hawks, separate from the Party.

WOWO Management is making no apology for supporting Glenn Beck's appearance.
Photo: Glenn Beck as photographed at a 2003 Rally for America held at the War Memorial Coliseum. Photo from the Glenn Beck website and credited to WOWO Radio 1190.

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Anonymous said...

Knuth must be a real *********.

I was at the rally with my family to welcome home some of our troops, including a friend of our family.

It sure didn't appear to be a fundraiser to me and I was never asked for a dime.

Get back to your *Party* Mr. Knuth and figure out if you have any merits or strengths. Loser.

2:23 PM
Sorry about that. "*********" does sound better ;>)
How dare Knuth try to raise such alligations! WOWO radio has done nothing wrong, unless you thinking helping the community welcome home our war hero's is wrong. I hope that the residents of Fort Wayne will stand up and support WOWO Radio, the Allen County GOP and Glenn Beck in this absolutely disgrace of an alligation!

Kevin Knuth - obviously you don't have any serious issues to deal with, so you have to find something as petty and absurd as this.

I hope this shows the residents of Fort Wayne and Allen County how LOW Democrats will go to try to make a point (which is NULL AND VOID!)

Sorry you feel that violating the law is acceptable.

I said in my release that I do not feel WOWO is really at fault- the Allen County Republican Party should have told WOWO that the event was being paid for with political money- Shine owned a radio station and is well versed in campaign finance law- He should have been upfront with them.

WOWO was told that the event was being paid for by "private citizens". That is NOT true- it was paid for by the Northeast Indiana PAC for Better Government.

Though you may not agree with the LAW- it is my responsibility to make sure the opposing party follows it.
If you worried as much about your own partyas you do the GOP, then the DEM's might be in a different situation then they are now (minority party).
Typical reponse from a Glenn listener. Don't listen to the message but please bark loudly so nothing else can be heard at bearer of something that disagrees with your viewpoint.
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