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Monday, March 06, 2006

Bloggers' Notes

A Recommendation of a New Weblog; Another Fort Wayne Weblog Goes Blank Temporarily

Indiana Parley likes to recommend new weblogs in the area that feature voices that you may not hear any other way. That's why I urge you to view the weblog "J. Long Nation."

The author has a great post on what it's like to work at a fast-food restaurant. He has some pointed comments about the cordiality of dashboad diners.

The post is really a good "slice-of-life" example of what happens when a blogger writes about his or her own experiences in the world. Ignore some of the spelling glitches; the author will get that more polished over time. (Ditching the the closing line could be one of the first improvements he makes.)

The other item is about Fort Wayne Indiana etc. As I write this, the site is down. Some of the area bloggers tend to read much more into these shutdowns since Fort Wayne Observed went invisible in January. The absence of Fort Wayne Indiana etc. is temporary, I've been told. And, no, when it comes back there will be no announcement that another local weblog has been subsumed into the Fort Wayne Observed/Indiana Parley universe of weblogs.

11:14 AM - A reader has just pointed out that another local weblog "Reverent & Free" is also down.

12:05 PM - Fort Wayne Indiana etc. is back up at this site: http://fortwaynenews.blogspot.com/

I think it's blogger. I can get in my account, but I can't look at my own blog. Which is kind of lame. I'll give it some time.
Who got me taken down?
R&F was up at least two hours ago, because I have an email from someone commenting there @ 9:30.
I've temporarily set this up:
Found this on the Google Groups "Blogger Help Group."

-"Some users are currently getting "403 Forbidden" errors when viewing their blogs, and "Permission Denied" errors (or variations thereof) when publishing. We're restarting some machines right now and things
should be working again very soon."
It appears I've been having a rather lengthy conversation with myself.
Craig, it is technical, Blogger is dorked as you said. I had just found it myself.
Blogger is fixed.
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