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Friday, March 03, 2006

Copy of Knuth Letter to State Election Board

Indiana Parley has obtained an unsigned copy of the letter as sent by Allen County Democratic Chair Kevin Knuth to the Democratic Co-Chair of the Indiana Election Board.

The letter is available as a PDF image by clicking here.

Mr. Knuth also prepared a media release today. IP is not reproducing the release in this post. It does not become an official part of the Election Board record as will the letter.

However, Mr. Knuth states in the release:
At the time of the event, Knuth questioned WOWO General Manager Mark Deprez about WOWO’s involvement in what appeared to be a political event.

In his email response to Knuth, Deprez stated that the event was being put on by private citizens. “Campaign finance reports now show this is not the case. It appears that WOWO was misled,” Knuth said.

If the event is determined to have been a political event, WOWO would fall under Campaign Finance guidelines, which would limit how much promotion they could have done legally.

You GOP Bloggers are Knuth's biggest ally. You're simply fanning the flames of the fires he's lit. Quit giving him so much exposure, he might get distracted.
>>>Steve Shine said...

right..........*Steve Shine* said...
Yeah, *Steve Shine* posted on my site too, exact same quote...as if Shine has nothing better to do with his time than blog... HA. He's too busy running a political party...
What is the point of posting the SAME content on two different blogs?!?

Why has FWO strayed so much from it's original content (MEDIA)?!?

Finally, why spend so much time on these blogs just to give Kevin Knuth free exposure that he doesn't deserve?!?
Thanks for the letter Mitch.
...adds to the context.
Editor's note to the last anonymous poster:

The two sites are for news and commentary.

Original documents will be posted in order to provide something that regular media does not often, if ever, provide.

FWOb continues to post media items - including ones that have been cited nationally by main stream media outlets.

The sites exist to provide a forum for others to comments and offer additional information.

It would be better if you used your opportunity to add new insight or argue a point supported with new information.

Use of multiple exclamation points and question marks do not qualify as analysis.
That last sentence about exclamation points...good point.

Speaking of adding new "insight", why don't you add FW Insight back on your link list, I used to get to his site through yours
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