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Monday, March 06, 2006

Drudge and the Indy Airport

Matt Drudge Discovers Red Coats Have Taken Over the Indianapolis Airport

The Drudge Report is trumpeting the 'developing' story of how a British company has the contract to run the Indianpolis Airport. The story begins "Move over Portgate."

What has gotten Mr. Drudge all fevered on this Monday, March 6th? The contract between the Indianapolis Airport Authority with BAA Indianapolis LLC, for the management and operation of the Indianapolis International Airport (formerly Weir Cook Airport).

BAA Indianpolis LLC is a subsidiary of BAA "the world's largest airport company."

The contract is years old. Mr. Drudge is welcome to write about it. However, it is not a stunning revelation.

I'll let Drudge speak for himself, but my guess is that posting the story is sort of a "What say you Chuck Schumer, Hillary, and the rest?" I suspect, like the JFK Cargo terminal, we'd like to know where the selective outrage over ports comes from, when virtually nothing will change, but this entire airport including security is a foreign job.


Thank you for the comment. The link you provided is a well-written piece about "selective ourtrage over ports."

The link does what Drudge did not. My guess is that Drudge was not posting the item as a sly satire; he is usually explicit.

I will grant, though, that perhaps Drudge was trying to "bait the hook." If the Drudge story resulted in some stories yesterday in which liberals cited the Indianapolis Airport as another horrifying example of foreign port ownership then he may have accomplished his purpose.
Could Drudge's point have been that criticism of the administration's recent port decision was a matter of political opportunity and not a concern for national security? The New York Times never made it to Indy to protest what an extension of its argument would say is the more questionable decision there. Nor, indeed, did Gannett's Indianapolis Star.
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