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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mike Pence a "major surprise" in Michigan Straw Poll

The Republican Michigander weblog reported on a 2008 Presidential "straw poll" conducted among attendees at the Livingston County Lincoln Day Dinner. The weblog's author found unexpected support for U.S. Representative Mike Pence.

Indiana Congressman Mike Pence was a major surprise. There is a significant Pence 2008 movement, but it is nearly exclusively in the blogging world. The most common question asked about him was "Who’s Mike Pence?" However, those that knew him, was liked him.

He is the chair of the Republican Study Committee in the house, which is the conservative caucus. The Republican Study Committee last week introduced a balanced budget based on the 1995 Contract With America. If the bloggers are successful in drafting him for president, he could be a strong dark horse candidate with the current overspending in Washington.

Representative Pence is from Indiana's Sixth Congressional District. The district includes Adams and Wells Counties as well as parts of southern Allen County.

Livingston County, Michigan, is located just north of Ann Arbor. The county seat is Howell.

Pence would be a great candidate for President and a great President. I live in his district and have met him many times...
As close as I can tell, all the MSM and "Flapping Lips" on the cable news shows think that we are looking at a McCain/Clinton ticket in 2008. God help us if we have to pick between those two meat puppets....

Pence is a welcome addition to the ballott in my estimation.
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