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Friday, March 10, 2006

Pulliam Profiles Mark Souder for Indy Star

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Did the article discuss that Mark Souder was a C.O. during Viet-Nam who has since turned himself into a self-styled military hawk?

Did the article discuss Mark Souder's promise to serve only 12 years in Congress that he has since renegged on?

I do not see how Republicans continue to vote for this guy...

It is sad really...

If Security is your number one issue Mark Souder should be the LAST person you vote for... He refused to serve in the military as a supposed C.O.; but, now that he is older he thinks the we SHOULD use our military... Maybe he feels that we should use the military as long as OTHER people are going to go and fight. That tells me all about Mark Souder I need to know...

As a military veteran Mark Souder absolutely disgusts me...

Mike Sylvester
Mark Souder has suckled at the public breast his whole life. The only time in his life, he was not on the public dole, he worked at the family business and it went into Chapter 13. Yes, Mark is real competent as a businessman too. Underestimate Mark, no don't, he knows only to well,how to say all the right things to get elected. When you look at him you know he has fed well at the public trough.
Souder has done a fairly good job of flying under the radar of scrutiny on the national level. This will contribute heavily to his impending victory this year. I just hope Wm. Larsen sticks with it long enough to erode Souder's voter base. Although, in this part of Indiana, Souder's whole "Jesus & Corn-Stalks" platform mixed with his "Meth-be-gone" work (which is some damn decent legislation...for the most part....) I think he'll keep his lock on his seat for a while. He may not know what's right for America, but he knows what's important (at least superficially) to a majority of his constituency.
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