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Monday, March 13, 2006

Robert Rouse: The Project

Robert Rouse of Fort Wayne publishes a weblog called Left of Centrist and is a peace activist. He can be found on the first Saturday of each month among a band of sign-carrying anti-war protesters on the sidewalk of the Courthouse Green along Clinton Street. "Support Our Troops" stand opposite the protesters on the east side of Clinton.

He made a change in his weblog design over the weekend. The most notable changes being a change to a red (natch) background and a header with a photo seemingly like an eye peeking through a keyhole. Mr. Rouse added this note:
I realize I failed to post anything yesterday - the "On this date in Beatles History" you see below had the date changed for continuity. I've been a little busy with a project (details of the project coming in the next week), but I'll try to make up for it by staying a little more on target.
Well, the project is still under wraps. However, it's not what IP thought it was. Indiana Parley speculated that the 'project' is a protest on Monument Circle next weekend which will include various anti-war groups from around the state. It's not that; it's something closer to home.

The Indianapolis Star had reported today:
Members of at least 10 groups have joined forces to host a statewide rally for peace on Monument Circle from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday [March 18].


Speakers will include former U.S. Rep. Andy Jacobs Jr., D-Indianapolis; author and attorney Sheila Suess Kennedy; writer and columnist Pamela Taylor; and Bill Stant, Green Party candidate for Indiana secretary of state.

Sponsors include Progressive Indiana; Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center; Veterans for Peace Chapter 49; Indiana Peace and Justice Network; Bloomington Peace Action Coalition; Earth-Solar Technologies; Plowshares; Code Pink-Fort Wayne; Common Bonds; and SAGE (Student Advocates for Global Equality at IUPUI).

I think I will stay right here in the Fort, and enjoy some tall Sapphire & Tonics while watching Fox News and installing my new flag pole in my front yard. I might even mark the event with one of Arturo Fuente's finest shade-grown Connecticut lonsdales...

A word of advice to Robert and his "Pink Army" (is it blasphemous or wrong to refer to them as an Army???) You might want to re-route yourselves to Washington DC, which would seem a more logical place for the protest. Last I checked, our state legislature had nothing to do with any 'war.'
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