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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sunny Side Up

Indiana Pundit notes today that County Commissioner candidate Bill Brown is now up with his own billboards to compete with those of incumbent Marla Irving. Pundit then adds his own two cents about the worth of billboards in political campaigns.

Mr. Brown may have wished that he had received the accompany gift from Acme Printing before he locked in his billboard design. Yet, it will probably come in handy to give him that youthful and bronzed look as we head out of winter into the spring campaign season.

Indiana Parley received a copy of the notice today in a promotional email from Acme Printing.

Mr. Brown may wish to use sunscreen - or a hat - when he redeems his certificate.

Photo: Bill Brown shown at right. Photo by Indiana Parley. © 2006.

It is incredible that Acme is doing all of Mr. Browns printing for his campaign and he wins the tanning certificate. How ethical is that?
It is amazing that, with such great standpoints on important topics, the only topic being discussed here is the color of a billboard. It got your attention. Didn't it?
Acme said that they didn't do the billboards
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