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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Who Were Those Folks in Last Night's "Neighbors" Section?

The front page of Wednesday's News-Sentinel had a story on volunteers from Fort Wayne who traveled to Biloxi, Mississipi recently to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. The group's visit was coordinated by the Diocese of Biloxi.

One of the fellows prominently featured in a photograph illustrating the article should be familiar to those who frequent the Allen County Courthouse. However, the article by Kevin Kilbane did not identify the day job of Craig Bobay, a parishioner of St. Jude Catholic Church. The fellow pictured in jeans and a blue t-shirt standing on a metal roof is often referred to as "Your Honor" during the workweek.

Craig Bobay is Magistrate of the Allen County Circuit Court.

Featured in a separate story was 20-year active Junior League member Kathy Roudebush. The Fort Wayne attorney and community volunteer worked for the Indiana House of Representatives Majority Staff before attending Indiana University Law School at Bloomington.

Does it matter? Seriously.

Maybe they just did it *because*...
Regarding the Roudebush article, perhaps it is time to close the definition of "hero," as she was so described by the Journal Gazette headline writer. One may be marginally a "hero" in the manner of Infantryman Bob Dole or even a firefighter, i.e., one who gets hurt or killed trying to do his or her job (although it might be more heroic to do the job without incurring the social and actual costs of getting killed). It is most definitely not heroic to simply join a club with one's friends where the primary purpose seems to be to congratulate one another on the good works attempted.
Regarding the Roudebush article: It appeared in The News-Sentinel, not The Journal Gazette. Just FYI.
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