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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Allen County Right To Life PAC Seeking to Defeat Garton

The Allen County Right to Life Political Action Committee has sent out a fund-raising appeal. The letter doesn't seek donations to be given to an Allen County candidate. The letter seeks funds to support the opponent of Indiana Senate President Pro Tem Robert Garton of Columbus.

The letter urges its Allen County recipients to back candidate Greg Walker in the state senate Republican primary election.

The letter (available as a PDF here) states:
"In June of 2004 our letter to you said that "Our objective has to be to elect a majority of pro-life Republicans to the State House and to elect a pro-life Governor. Only then will we begin to put a stop to the taking of innocent lives in the abortion clinics and the anti-life decisions in the courts and other state offices." Little did we expect our cause would lose in the Senate. Yet Senator Garton, widely considered to be the most powerful state Senate leader in the nation, did not get this pro-life legislation passed.

There is a way to hold Senator Garton responsible. He is being opposed in the May 2 primary election by a strong pro-life candidate, Greg Walker.

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