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Thursday, April 13, 2006

DeLay Tags Pence as One of Three to Lead

The Washington Times reports comments by soon to be ex-U.S. Representative Tom DeLay as to who may be worthy to succeed him in his role as leader of House conservatives. Indiana's Mike Pence is one of the three.
Asked who might be the House's "next Tom DeLay," the former majority leader, once considered the most powerful Republican in Congress, named three Republicans: Rep. Adam H. Putnam of Florida, Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana and Rep. Patrick T. McHenry of North Carolina.

When told of Mr. DeLay's remarks, Mr. Pence said simply, "I accept the compliment."

Mr. McHenry said, "I'm blown away ... I'm so excited that Tom DeLay would say that about me."

Overlooked by Mr. DeLay were more than 100 other conservative-voting House Republicans, some of whom are known beyond their home districts and even their states.
Mr. McHenry is the youngest member of the U.S. House of Representatives.


I am sorry- but it is NOT a good thing when someone like Tom Delay thinks you are worthy to replace him. Delay is in SERIOUS trouble.

I disagree with Mike Pence on nearly every single issue, but I do respect him for holding to his beliefs.

I would think that Mr. Pence would NOT fall into the patterns of "questionable" behaviour that Mr. Delay did.

He would have been better off if Delay had NEVER mentioned his name!
This is just miserable...I actually agree with Knuth. Seems like DeLay just gave Pence the kiss of death....poor guy.
Pence deserves that
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