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Friday, April 14, 2006

McGauley and Lopshire to Hold Joint Fundraiser

The Twist? Stacey Lopshire is the Niece of John McGauley's Democratic Opponent

John McGauley and Stacey Lopshire have announced they will be holding a joint fundraiser on April 27th at the home of Allen County Commissioner F. Nelson Peters.

Mr. McGauley is a candidate for the Republican nomination for Allen County Recorder. Ms. Lopshire is a candidate for Allen County Assessor.

This wouldn't be so unusual except that Ms. Lopshire is the niece of Herb Summers, the only candidate running for the Democratic nomination for Allen County Recorder.

Mr. Summers is the son - and Ms. Lopshire is the granddaughter - of the late Walter Summers, who held several elective offices including State Representative and Allen County Assessor.

McGauley has the potential to change the world, and she sees that.
Smart Woman.
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