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Thursday, April 13, 2006

True Blue: Democrat Website Analyzes the 3rd District

A Democratic leaning website, "Down with Tyranny," has analyzed the Congressional races in Indiana. The writer has a hope that perhaps Indiana could turn its delegation from "red" to "blue."

The writer had an interesting take on the 3rd District which seemed to have as much to say about the Democratic front-runner, Tom Hayhurst, as it did about incumbent Mark Souder.
The races in the other districts would need a major Democratic tsunami for any changes from red to blue. CD 3 in the northeast of the state (from Goshen to Fort Wayne) is represented by Mark Souder, another entrenched rubber-stamper (though not as far off the cliff of insanity as Sodrel or Pence-- but almost). There appear to be 4 Democrats vying for the opportunity to challenge him: Kevin Boyd, a progressive pastor who looks GREAT on the issues, Tom Hayhurst, whose slick website smells DCCC all the way (no positions on issues), and 2 guys with no websites Thomas Schrader and Edward Smith.

This is really an excellent blog. Even if you don't agree with the politics, the format is very even-handed overall and provides some EXCELLENT reading if you're interested in politics. "Down With Tyranny" obviously has some serious homework behind the posts.
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