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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blogger Began Pence Internship Today

Aaron Baker is a native of Van Wert County in Ohio. He is the incoming Student Government President at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana.

He started a summer internship in the Washington office of Indiana Congressman Mike Pence today. Oh, and he is a blogger, too.

Mr. Baker wrote a post in his weblog about his introduction to life in Washington, D. C.. He found that the United States seat of government is not quite the same as Van Wert. A sample from that post:

Sunday I went to church with Andrew, to a non-denominational church with heavy ties to the Church of God. I really liked the service which reminded me very much of chapel at Indiana Wesleyan. Having finished Conceiving the Christian College and Indiana Wesleyan’s history, I decided it was time to go book shopping. Andrew directed me to Dupont Circle, where I found Kingfish, the story of Sen. Huey Long. I purchased it and we moseyed to the fountain, where break dancing was occurring. I read for a few hours under a shady maple, noting the diversity sitting around the manicured privet hedges. My concentration was broken as I saw feet entering my personal space. A hand reached down and offered me a paper handout. I unknowing took the thing, knowing that I shouldn’t have as soon as I heard Andrew politely decline. Yes, I received an advertisement for an “alternative life style” club.

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