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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Green Frog: An Interview with Tom Henry

Last night's Indiana Parley post promised you additional coverage of the Green Frog Inn at Spring and Sherman in Fort Wayne.

Tom Henry, former Fort Wayne City Council member and husband of the Green Frog owner, Cindy Henry, was at the establishment yesterday when we stopped by.

We asked Mr. Henry three questions during the interview. Among other things he tells Indiana Parley visitors about the contents and origin of the Tom Henry salad on the Green Frog menu and his views on nepotism.

You can hear the Tom Henry interview here.

Indiana Parley will feature another interview from the Green Frog a bit later today.

How did we like our food? My steak sandwich was tender and delicious and the strawberry shortcake was a great dessert. My wife had what she called a "perfectly cooked" hamburger and a slice of "very good" three berry pie. I appreciated that the fries were still warm and not covered in salt.

Service was friendly, prompt and professional. The ambience is something to hold onto in an era of cookie-cutter suburban casual dining chains. The Green Frog is a true neigborhood bar and Fort Wayne is lucky to have it.

Whatzup and the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette recently had reviews of the Green Frog. You can see Ryan DuVall's review from the Journal-Gazette at this link.

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