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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Primary Election Coverage is On!

Thank you for visiting Indiana Parley for Allen County primary election coverage.

There will be interviews with candidates this evening. I intend to have coverage from both major Allen County party headquarters and more.

Thank you for your patience today; the AudioBlogger service had major national technical problems for most of the day. That is now apparently solved. You can click on the AudioPost arrow below to hear the welcome post.

this is an audio post - click to play

As we go through the evening, please check back often for new AudioPosts.

I will not have the ability to put a headline or text with the post until sometime late tonight or tomorrow morning so just click on each AudioPost as it appears.

So, clicking on an AudioPost will be a little bit like opening a surprise package. Sometimes a Marla Irving may pop out; sometimes a GiaQuinta or a Paddock; perhaps even a print or electronic journalist. It's pot luck here at Indiana Parley.

However, know that each post will appear immediately at the conclusion of each interview. If it's new to you; it's been news to us. So stay tuned.

Ed. note: AudioPosts will be timestamped with a non-daylight savings time; AudioPosts did not spring forward.

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