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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Canadian Blogger Trashes Janette Luu's New Show in Toronto

Janette Luu, the veteran WISE-TV reporter, left Fort Wayne for a move to a much bigger television market in Toronto. She was an exceptionally well-liked reporter during her time in Fort Wayne.

Well, one review is in about her new show "Canoe Live" in Toronto and it's not kind.

Here's just a small excerpt of what the blogger termed a "craptacular":

Why in the name of everything that's holy would a Toronto station that wants to connect with Toronto viewers, hire a host from Fort Wayne, IN who's never lived in Canada before, let alone Toronto? I'm sure Janette Luu is a lovely person and I have no doubt that her parents love her very much. I still have no idea, though, what the hell she's doing hosting a show mere weeks after a number of other very talented, very hard-working and very Canadian hosts got laid off in March.

This is hilarious for sooooo many reasons...

but primarily because even Canadians think that the FW Media sucks. He he he.
Great another pronouncent by the all knowing Andrew. Now here this "ALL FORT WAYNE MEDIA SUCKS" because Andrew has pronounced it so. Thank you so much Andrew for your unbiased and very well researched opinion. It is always appreciated.
Ummm, I think the Canadian guy said it, not me. I just thought it was funny that he was echoing the sentiments of most everybody I've ever talked to who has seen FW's TV newscasts...

I just love twits that think it's somehow meaningful, important or cute to speak ill of others behind the cloak of anonymity. What, are we in middle school again? I am very thankful, however, that even the anonymous twit crowd is starting to pay credence to the Recordbook Writing Oracle of Sarcasm....ME!

LMAO lighten up people. Learn to take a joke...just accomplishing that little step might drop the heart attack rate in this up-tight country.
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