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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dead Boy Misidentified in Maryland, a State that has Medical Examiner System

Today's news brings word of another misidentification of a child killed in a car crash. This time it's in the state of Maryland. This time there's a medical examiner system.

Maryland has a full medical examiner system of appointed officials.

Indiana Parley can't wait to see what Tracy Warner and Leo Morris will have to write about this.

From the story:

A child who died in a car crash was misidentified as his younger brother, a mistake that his relatives discovered a week after the accident, state police said Monday.

Troopers confirmed that the boy who died in the May 29 crash was 7-year-old Christian Marshall and not his 4-year-old brother, Justin.

Justin, his other sibling, McKenna, 2, and his parents, Sheyna Marshall, 29, and James Marshall, 28, all of Washington, D.C., were seriously injured in the crash. One of the Marshall children was pronounced dead at the scene.

The misidentification occurred, police said, when James Marshall, the only parent able to talk with authorities after the crash, was told that the child killed in the crash had been sitting in the right rear of the car. Marshall said he was certain Justin had been sitting behind him.

Can we please now stop all of this discussion? Or must we continue to beat the horse after it has fallen on the road?
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