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Monday, June 05, 2006

Praise for Tracy Warner

Journal-Gazette editorial writer Tracy Warner gave a calming perspective on Monday night's Indiana NewsCenter 7 P.M. broadcast.

Linda Jackson led off the newscast with the story of Allen County Sheriff Jim Herman's appointment of Ken Fries as Chief Deputy of the department. Chief Fries is the Republican nominee for Sheriff of Allen County. He replaces the long-time Chief Deputy Bill Smallwood who is retiring from the Allen County Sheriff's department.

Ms. Jackson showed videotape of the appointment ceremony along with reaction from Ken Fries and his Democratic opponent in the fall election, Sergeant Tina Taviano.

Ms. Jackson then turned to Mr. Warner for his insight. It was a good thing she did for it was clear from the tone of her questions that she thought there some earth-shattering fallout to be had from the day's news of the appointment.

Mr. Warner explained that Mr. Smallwood's retirement was long-anticipated. He also said that there had been a long-held expectation that Sheriff Herman would name the winner of the Republican primary to serve as Chief Deputy and that the appointment was not unusual in historical terms, either.

Ms. Jackson then asked him whether there wouldn't be repercussions, friction and conflicts within the department since there were supporters of both candidates who had to work together until Election Day. Tracy Warner was at his best in explaining that the two candidates had worked together for a very long time and that both had been campaigning for over a year.

In other words, Tracy Warner explained that the Sheriff's race featured two professionals.

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