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Thursday, July 06, 2006

WSJ on the possible power shift in Statehouses

Reporter Chris Cooper, writing in today's Wall Street Journal, reported:
With several statehouses controlled by razor-thin edges, the potential for
swings in power may be greater at the state level than in Congress, where
the struggle for control gets more attention.

[ ... ]

Democrats appear to be in the better position [to gain legislative seats
nationwide]. With modest gains in a handful of states, they could take a
majority of legislative chambers. Republicans have prevailed since 2002,
when they won a slim majority for the first time since 1952.

Republicans control both houses in 20 state capitals, compared with 19 for
the Democrats. Nebraska's one-house legislature is nominally nonpartisan,
but dominated by Republicans. The two parties split chambers in 10
The Indiana House of Representatives is not specifically mentioned in the story. However, Democrats are hoping to eke out a majority. Indiana Republicans are beginning to feel more confident in holding their majority in the wake of the announcement that Honda has chosed Indiana as the site for a new assembly plant.

It may be that voter concerns over the Toll Road lease will cool by November as the lease has been okayed by the Supreme Court, the lease has been executed, and money from the lease begins to be allocated toward long-delayed transportation projects.

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