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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Who's the person on the left?

Ruth Holladay was formerly a feature columnist in the Indianapolis Star. She abruptly left the Star's employment this summer.

Soon after, Ms. Holladay started a new weblog. The intitial entries have been somewhat unkind to her former employer.

Yesterday, the News-Sentinel's Leo Morris commented at his weblog on a story in another Indiana newspaper which cautioned employees about writing negative things about their employers in their weblog.

That other newspaper in which that story appeared is the Indianapolis Star. IP can only speculate on what would have prompted Star editors to make that story assignment.

Indiana Parley also notes that the Ruth Holladay weblog is now sporting a new header complete with portrait. IP assumes the portrait is of Ms. Holladay. However, IP has provided you with two photos for comparison. You be the judge.

The photo on the left is the one at the top of Ms. Holladay's weblog. The photo on the right is the one that appeared in Ms. Holladay's most recent Indianapolis Star columns.

Ruth's blog is refreshing. If only our 'free press' was so honest and blunt in their reporting. Ruth is exploding in information on her blog, making you wonder how much she was 'contained' by her previous employer.
Only if you consider the nasty vitriol she spews credible information. I think the best restraint her previous employer showed her was a good editor to help ensure she didn't publish something so completly inaccurate that they would be sued. Bloggers like Ruth Holladay give those of us who do research and try to stick to the facts a bad name. Her columns were OK, but if this is the raw material her editors had to work with, I'm surprised she lasted this long.
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