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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Visit Fort Wayne Observed

Visitors to this page may be puzzled by the lack of regular updates. Don't be.

Since early this year, I have been editor of the Fort Wayne Observed weblog.


You will find the news and commentary of Indiana Parley at that site. FWOb also works to provide a sense of place about the Fort Wayne area as well with references to local history, art, and highlights of people and institutions in the community.

Nathan Gotsch founded Fort Wayne Observed in May of 2005. It has grown to be the leading weblog in Fort Wayne. I accepted his invitation to edit the weblog with the idea that Indiana Parley could also be maintained. That proved to be a tough task and most content you have expected on Indiana Parley is found on Fort Wayne Observed.

We were able to provide you with extensive election night coverage for the 2006 Primary.

Be sure to check out Fort Wayne Observed for election coverage on November 7th!

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