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Friday, January 27, 2006

Love v. Lopshire: The Campaign Begins

A comment in response to the earlier Indiana Parley post about the re-election announcement of Allen County Assessor Pat Love held in the Fort Wayne City Council Chambers on Tuesday:
Due to the fact that Mrs Lopshire was the most experienced in the office during the Love Administration, I dont understand how Mrs Love can go about criticizing her. Lopshire kept the office afloat through the 2002 Reassessment, as well as the many turbulent issues that have tumbled in during Love's "reign." If there was ever someone right to be County Assessor, it is Stacey Lopshire. If knowledge is key, Stacey Lopshire is the Master Key, being a Level II Certified Appraiser-Assessor for many years, while Mrs Love can barely scratch the 50% mark on the state issued examination. The office will hurt, undoubtedly, without the knowledge and experience Stacey Lopshire brought in, however... She will be back in 2007. That is a guarentee.
One of the things not mentioned in all of the coverage of the Assessor's race has been Stacey Lopshire's political pedigree for the office. Ms. Lopshire's grandfather, Walter Summers, served as Allen County Assessor for two terms.

Mr. Summers, now deceased, had also served as an Allen County Sheriff's deputy, Indiana State Representative, and Wayne Township Trustee. He was the Allen County Chairman for the gubernatorial campaigns of Otis R. Bowen in 1968 and 1972.

Indiana Parley first reported that Ms. Love's use of the Fort Wayne City Council chambers for campaign purposes, Fort Wayne, Indiana etc. has been researching ethics rules of the state, county and city.

Those readers who made need visual confirmation that Ms. Love did indeed use the City Council chambers can compare the
Journal-Gazette photo of her declaration of candidacy Tuesday with an Indiana Parley photo taken at the Fort Wayne City Council meeting Tuesday evening.

I do not know either candidate in the assessor's race; I have not decided who to support at this point. I have contacted the assessor's office recently and they have been helpful to me in my research on local property taxes...

I do find one thing Mitch Harper said particularly intersting. He says and I quote:

"One of the things not mentioned in all of the coverage of the Assessor's race has been Stacey Lopshire's political pedigree for the office. Ms. Lopshire's grandfather, Walter Summers, served as Allen County Assessor for two terms."

I do not know that I would consider the fact that she had a grandfather who served as an assessor for two terms a point in her favor or not. I really do not care...

I think we should elect public officials based on their own merits; I do not care who they are related to.

A good example of this is Ted Kennedy. He comes from a powerful family that has done some very good things for this nation. I would not vote for Ted Kennedy in any political race under under any circumstances... I think he is a disgrace to this Country and to his family.

If I were breeding dogs I might worry about pedigree; in deciding what politicians to support I do not think it matters.

Mike Sylvester
Chairman of The Libertarian Party of Allen County
Mike - You raise a good point worth making.

(As well as giving Indiana Parley readers the scoop that, apparently, the Allen County Libertarian Party is not intending to field a full slate for county offices in 2006).

However, I really wasn't advocating a vote for or against Ms. Lopshire based on family background.

She needs to make her own case on experience, education and temperment.

Walt Summers just happens to be someone I very much admired. This gave me an opportunity to mention someone who was one of the good guys in public service.

As it happens, Assessor Love is related to Kate Love-Jacobson. Kate is someone else I very much admire; I've been acquainted with Kate for over three decades. Kate is also an exemplar of public service.

Will my own vote hinge on those familial connections? No.

However, a knowledge of Allen County history and the interconnectedness of people is a valuable asset. Knowing how people are related to each by family or by history is something you may not wish to easily dismiss in your own political actitities.
Your point is well taken Mitch!

Of course we are not running a full slate of candidates in 2006. We have only been affiliated for 13 months. There is no way we can compete that quickly on a County-wide scale! We have to get more small government Republicans to realize how much of a large government party The Republicans have become. We have had several switch over already; but, we have a long ways to go.

If the Republcians keep expanding entitlement programs (prescription drugs) and running 400 BILLION dollars deficits every year, we will grow very quickly.

I enjoy your blog and read it everyday. I actually do enjoy the history of Fort Wayne and local politics that you provide.

If you wanted to discuss pedigree, I am surprised you did not post Pat Love's "pedigree" in the same post!

That would have you allowed you to discuss two people you respect who are related to the assessor's race.
That also would have made you look FAR MORE IMPARTIAL, which, you tend to do a pretty good job of!

I tend to think we should get "pedigree" 100% out of politics. We need people from the business world to run for office and we need term limits. Heck, I remember back when Mark Souder promised to be in office for 12 years maximum...

I would like to see someone like Dan over at Fort Wayne Indiana, etc. run for office... He would make a great Libertarian candidate...

He has business experience, common sense, and cuts right to the point...

I also supported Squadrito; but, that is another story...

Mike Sylvester
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