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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dead Body Found at Richard Blaich's House

Jon Brandenberger, Allen County Coroner, is expected to release information later today on the "adult male" decedent found yesterday afternoon at the home owned by Richard Blaich on Kress Road in southwest Allen County.

Blaich was the former head of the Olin and Desta Schwab Foundation. He was removed from the post after substantial allegations surfaced regarding gross mismanagement of the Foundation's assets.

Dan Stockman of the Journal-Gazette has been the key reporter regarding the allegations surrounding Blaich. Stockman had the story in this morning's J-G:

The home of Richard H. Blaich, the attorney at the center of a state investigation into spending at the charitable foundation he ran, was the scene of a death investigation Monday.

Southwest Fire District personnel responded to a call for an ambulance at 3:15 p.m. Monday at 9901 Kress Road, the home owned by Blaich and his wife, Barbara. Officers with the Allen County Sheriff’s Department responded later.

Both Allen County Coroner Dr. E. Jon Brandenberger and Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards were on the scene Monday evening, but officials would say only that they were investigating the death of an adult male. Additional information is expected to be released today.

More: IP's earlier post on the Schwab Foundation.

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